Bindle helps you provide more value to your clients.

Bindle For Business

Bindle lets you offer added value of delivery to your customers without having to hire or work with pricey national delivery providers.

Bindle lets you say “Yes, we can deliver” without changing your business.

Bindle lets you extend your brand’s positive customer experience.

Bindle let’s you say, “Yes, we can deliver.”

Bindle offers your customers reassurance by letting them easily track their order as it’s being delivered.

Bindle gives you reassurance with its vetted and rated Bindle Pros delivering your customers’ goods.

Our Partners

Bindle was created to help consumers get their items delivered with ease. We continue to build on this by forming partnerships with local businesses to help their business and their customers receive their purchases. Bindle is built to help your business with one-off or daily deliveries and to allow you to stay focused on your business. Contact us today for more information on how easy it is to implement Bindle Delivery. Please contact Derek Blue at 1-844-4-BINDLE option 2 or at