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Some FAQs about Bindle

How does Bindle work?

It’s an open marketplace that allows Bindle Pros who own larger size vehicles such as trucks, vans and SUVs to connect and help people, like you, with their moving and delivery needs.

And the cost?

Here’s the best part, you pick it! You enter the amount you want to pay in the app and our Bindle Pros will bid on your service.

I want Bindle to deliver something. Do I have to pre-pay?

All you need is your credit card to post your order. A temporary authorization will be placed on your card for the total amount. It’s possible you may see a pending charge on your statement; however, you will only be charged after your Bindle delivery has been completed.

The delivery’s been done? How do I pay?

Once the order has been confirmed as complete, your credit card will be charged and you’ll be emailed a receipt.

Can I contact my Bindle Pro?

Absolutely! You can connect with your Bindle Pro using the built in messaging service within the app. No need to share your personal number.

Will my Bindle Pro pack/unpack my boxes or disassemble my furniture… even if I supply the allen key?

You can count on your Bindle Pro to carry and transport any item that easily fits into their vehicle (not applicable to Bindle Go service). However, the packing/unpacking and furniture (dis)assembling parts are up to you.

Your Bindle Pro may not have blankets or straps so please ensure that you wrap your items before your Bindle Pro shows up to ensure a safe delivery.

I can trust my Bindle Pro, right?

All Bindle Pros have gone through a driver abstract and background check so you can rest easy. On top of that, every Bindle Pro gets reviewed after every delivery.

Is Bindle used for full home/apartment moves?

Our Bindle Pros can move multiple items for you but we are not a full home moving company. Our Pros will pick up and drop off items purchased from stores, local online selling communities, of if you’re selling/buying something from a friend/stranger and need a way to get it to the end destination.

I’d like to become a Bindle Pro.

That’s awesome! We’d love to have you. Just fill out the form here to get things moving.

Can you order jobs in advance?

Of course! You can order your job anywhere from 1 hour in and up to 7 days in advance to help keep things organized. We recommend submitting your request as far in advance as possible so more Bindle Pros have the ability to bid on your job ensuring you get the best price and most selection.

Are there cancellation fees?

We understand that things happen and plans change. If you cancel before the Bindle Pro has started their route to your destination, you will be charged nothing. You will only be charged a $5 fee if the Bindle Pro is already on the way when you cancel. You will be charged a $10 fee if the Bindle Pro has arrived at the start destination.

More questions?

Just send us an email we would love to help: