Put the couch down and your feet up!

How does Bindle work?

Step 1 (Download the app)

Download ‘Bindle’ from the App Store or Play Store.

Step 2 (Create an account)

Use an email address or sign in using Facebook or Google+.

Step 3 (Place your order)

Let us know the pickup and drop off addresses, how many and what size items you need moved and upload pictures (optional) of the items.

Step 4 (Bindle option)

Pick one of our three (fourth coming soon!) Bindle options, pick your price and confirm your credit card details. Don’t worry, nothing will be charged to your credit card until your items have been delivered!

That’s it!

You’re done! Put your feet up and watch as Bindle pros bid on your request.

You then select your Bindle pro from the list of bids. We show you the amount they bid, their vehicle type and their rating to help you make the decision. Then you can follow along from pick up right to drop off.

More questions?  Check out our Help / FAQ page for more assistance.