Add another revenue stream to your company with Bindle’s White Label Application solution.

Increase your reach

Adding an on-demand application based ordering system allows you to increase monthly revenue with little to no investment of your time, energy, or resources.

Managed Solutions

Go paperless! No receipts, no order forms, no point of sale needed. Bindle takes care of everything for you: management of the app, customer pay-ments, receipts, and payments to you – next day!

Equipment and Supplies

The app is fully customizable, allowing you to use your logo, staff info, brand colours, and pricing model. Not only that, but you’re instantly set up to help customers move and get items delivered. Use your current ecosystem of trucks and movers. All you need is a smartphone!

Competitive Advantage

Separate yourself from the competition and give your clients the convenience they want, all for a fraction of the cost of building an app from scratch

Low Cost

Creating and running a personalized app can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. With Bindle you don’t pay anything near that. Choose your package below:

Per month on a one year term
*discount applied if you choose to renew for another year
For one year of service
*discount applied if you choose to renew for another year

For more information or to discuss a partnership, please contact: Derek Blue at 1-844-4-BINDLE ex. 104 or