Who is Bindle perfect for?

Why Use Bindle?

Forget those complicated pricing grids and time wasting “email us for a quote” replies. You pick the price. That’s it, that’s all.

You set pick-up and delivery around your life and schedule.

Bindle Pros may bid under your set price so you could actually end up paying less.

Bindle takes away the inconvenience of waiting for the store to schedule the delivery.

Don’t worry if retailers offer delivery or not because Bindle always delivers.

Who is Bindle Perfect For?

The Shopper

Forget about cramming everything in the trunk or paying high delivery fees because Bindle delivers.

The Post Secondary Student

Forget about asking your one friend who owns a car to help you pick up something because Bindle delivers.

The Non Truck Owner

Forget about having to ask your neighbour that owns a pick-up truck to help you out – again – because Bindle delivers.

The Homeowner

Forget about having to take an item apart so it can fit in your car, just to have to put it back together again when you bring it home. And forget about having to do more than one trip because Bindle delivers.

The Contractor

Forget about hooking up your trailer or taking your truck and using your fuel. That costs you time and money. Save both because Bindle delivers.

The Manager

Forget about asking an employee to leave work to pick those items the office needs because Bindle delivers.

And You.

Looking for truck rentals? Think again. Think Bindle.

Our app is easier than all the hassle of a truck rental and all the moving can be taken care of for you. A Bindle Pro could be nearby right now who can bring the right transportation and take care of the heavy lifting.

Why Bindle it?

  • No security deposit required
  • No need for a driver’s license
  • No rush to get your truck rental returned on time
  • No need to move your own items

Only need to move a few big or heavy things?

Skip spending big bucks on a truck rental and use the Bindle app to find a Bindle Pro nearby who can help you.

Shopping spree?

Did you buy too much flat-packed furniture at your favorite Swedish furniture store? Forget about finding a truck rental or paying high delivery fees because Bindle is here. We can meet you at the store and bring your haul home for you. Just don’t forget the Allen keys!

Need to move something last minute and no truck rentals available?

Life happens. If you need to get moving quickly, Bindle is there for you. Whether the unexpected has happened, or you forgot to book a truck rental, Bindle Pros are available ­even when truck rental facilities are closed.

Download the app. Set a price. Meet your Bindle pro.